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Tim Tebow savaged by scouts upon conclusion of Arizona Fall League


Tim Tebow wrapped up his stint in the Arizona Fall League this week, and the word from scouts on how he performed isn’t encouraging.

In fact, as has been the case a time or two before (here and here), baseball insiders absolutely savaged Tebow’s performance, both defensively and at the plate.

Here’s how a couple of scouts and an MLB team executive characterized Tebow’s foray into professional baseball so far, via the New York Post:

“Awful,” said one AL scout.

“Stinks,” said one from the NL.

“Ugly,” said another executive. “In the field and at the plate, nothing looks natural.”

Tebow put up .194/.296/.242, going 12-for-62 with eight walks and an abysmal 20 strikeouts. His defense has been characterized as suspect at best as well.

Not every anonymous take has been outright horrible, though. Here’s how one American League executive judged Tebow’s play.

“He’s not an embarrassment by any means,” he said. “And he’s a tremendous influence on his teammates, which is worth something.”

“Not an embarrassment,” while not is bad as “awful,” “stinks,” or “ugly,” certainly isn’t a ringing endorsement, even if he has a positive influence upon his teammates.

It warrants mentioning that Tebow’s plate appearances have been steadily improving. In his last 11 games, Tebow has batted at a .281 clipwhile going 9-for-32. He’s improved his plate discipline as well, drawing eight walks in those games for an on-base percentage to .425.

Mets general manager Sandy Alderson — who had an interesting response when asked if Tebow will get a spring-training invite — had a lukewarm-but-encouraging assessment of Tebow’s efforts.

“I haven’t heard anyone ripping him for impersonating a baseball player lately, so it’s good he ended on a positive note,” he said.

Where Tebow decides to go from here likely is only known at this stage by Tebow himself. As noted, his play has improved, but has he made enough progress to continue his professional baseball dream?

Tebow acknowledged upon his signing with the Mets — who without question took a huge flier on the 29-year-old glorified prospect — that his baseball journey is “not one that will be necessarily easy.”

It appears that is indeed the case.