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Noah Syndergaard has great tweet about losing social media award


Noah Syndergaard without question is among the best and the brightest in professional sports when it comes to delivering brilliantly entertaining fodder on social media.

The New York Mets pitcher delivered another gem over how he failed to be named Major League Baseball’s Best Social Media Personality for the year, issuing a tweet that arguably proves why he should have won the award.

Reacting to the news that Chicago Cubs first baseman Anthony Rizzo bested him, Syndergaard fired off the following brilliant tweet.

The above delightful tweet follows how Syndergaard reacted last week to being left off the National League Cy Young ballot.

Do not think for a moment, though, that Syndergaard is a Johnny-Come-Lately as it relates to consistently delivering Twitter witticisms. This season, Syndergaard has humorously called out MLB Shop for misspelling his name, denied any responsibility whatsoever for the presence Thor-like weather in New York and even busted out a “Game of Thrones” meme to address an injury issue.

With that kind of solid material, Syndergaard can take solace that as far as winning MLB’s Best Social Media Personality, there’s always next year, which interestingly is the same perspective he took on Twitter about the Mets’ prospects for next season.