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Joel Embiid files for ‘The Process’ trademark to sell … Shirley Temples?


Much has been made of Joel Embiid’s decision to embrace former Philadelphia 76ers general manager Sam Hinkie’s much maligned and mocked “Trust the Process” mantra by giving himself “The Process” as a nickname.

The NBA Store already is getting in on all “The Process” action.

But reports indicating Embiid — through his agency CAA Sports — has filed for “The Process” trademarks shows there’s a method to the madness.

Two recent submissions to the United States Patent and Trademark Office establishes Embiid’s plan to profit from his “The Process” moniker.

The first filing in part seeks trademark status for “goods and services” which include “apparel, namely, shirts, sweatshirts, shorts, sweatpants, hats, flip flops.”

A second filing, however, adds to the original goods and services-related products. And one product in particular merits a chuckle or two or three:

Pre-bottled Shirley Temple drinks.

The notion that a grown man would hope to market a drink typically reserved for children when the family heads out to a steakhouse or supper club is arguably amusing. But there’s more to the story. Embiid revealed over the summer a real affinity for the aforementioned version of the Kiddie Cocktail.

“Mainly Shirley Temples. I drink Shirley Temples by the pitcher,” Embiid admitted. “I usually drink three or four pitchers per day.”

Three to four pitchers a day? Mercy.

For what it’s worth, the second filing also requests trademark status of “The Process” for rubber bracelets and children’s books. Other non-alcholic beverages are also specified, but really, who needs them if pre-bottled Shirley Temples already are in the works?

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