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Ex-Lion Drew Stanton on going 0-16: ‘I don’t wish that on anybody’


The Cleveland Browns have only six games left to scratch out a win and avoid becoming only the second team in NFL history to go 0-16.

Drew Stanton, as a member of the only other team to do it in NFL history, the 2008 Detroit Lions, knows exactly how it feels during a run to embarrassing infamy, not to mention the humiliating fallout that follows.

Stanton, because of that experience, recently implied he hopes the Browns can somehow eke out a victory.

“I don’t wish that on anybody,” Stanton recently said of going 0-16, via ESPN.

Stanton, now a member of the Arizona Cardinals, argued while recollecting the Lions’ lost season that he “can’t think of anything good that came out of that year.”

Cliff Avril, one of Stanton’s 2008 Lions teammates now playing for the Seattle Seahawks, can’t come up with a positive, either, pointing out things didn’t improve after the season ended.

“The worst part about it was the offseason,” Avril said. “I couldn’t tell people I played for the Lions.”

Stanton and Avril were both rookies on that infamous Lions squad, with Stanton playing in three games and Avril starting in only four. But both made it clear in their comments that doesn’t mean it wasn’t a horrible experience.

As far as the Browns’ quest to avoid such an ignoble mark of ineptitude, Stanton noted that Browns head coach Hue Jackson can help the team immensely with navigating such an embarrassing ordeal, much like Rod Marinelli did for the Lions in 2008.

“It was one of those things that when it got toward the end, we started to address the monkey in the room,” Stanton said. “But initially it was, ‘OK, like we just got to go out and win a football game.’ We were worried about that next week and stuff.”

Stanton added that Marinelli “stayed the course” and “stood out there as a leader should.”

Jackson seems to be doing the same thing this season with the Browns, although he has made it clear it’s been extremely difficult.

Stanton and Avril probably would say they know exactly how that feels.