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Phil Jackson goes Zen Master, gives meditation book to Knicks


Phil Jackson may be currently embroiled in a controversy not even remotely involving the New York Knicks, but that doesn’t mean he isn’t trying to pull some New Age strings to get the team pointed in the right direction.

That’s right, the Knicks president is resorting to methods that landed him the moniker “Zen Master” all those years ago by distributing a meditation book to Knicks players.

The pocket-sized tome, entitled, “Mindfulness on the Go,” features 25 practical meditation exercises that can be easily worked into a person’s life with little inconvenience.

The book, written by Jan Chozen Bays — who lives in an Oregon monastery, it’s worth noting — keys on how “[m]indfulness can reduce stress, improve physical health and quality of life, and give you deep insight,” per its Amazon description. Among the “deceptively simple” meditation practices that “cultivate mindfulness” are the three-breath practice, the mindfulness of entering room, offering compliments, tasting your food one careful bite at a time.

Sounds like some pretty heavy stuff.

Most Knicks players recently admitted when asked that they hadn’t read the book just yet, but are aware of it due to an excerpt Jackson read to them.

One convert to the “Zen Master and the Art of Mindfulness” is Marshall Plumlee, who raved about the book.

“I can tell you first hand as an over-thinker, a textbook over-thinker, and someone who worries too much and thinks too much about the future, the whole mindfulness aspect has been tremendously helpful,” Plumlee, a 24-year-old rookie, said. “I’m getting better at it, just being in the present moment — how can I live this moment to the best of my ability and not worry about things that haven’t happened yet.”

Far out.

Whether the book will help lead the Knicks out of a 5-6 stumble that started the season, however, is perhaps a matter only the Cosmos can decide. Try being mindful of that.