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Josh Norman refers to Aaron Rodgers as ‘Gandalf the White’


Washington Redskins cornerback Josh Norman exhibited some knowledge of J.R.R. Tolkein’s Middle Earth by suggesting Aaron Rodgers is one of the most powerful characters in the “Lord of the Rings” books and movie trilogy.

The Redskins of course face Rodgers’ struggling Green Bay Packers squad on Sunday night. And despite the Packers recent three-game slide and Rodgers lacking somewhat his patented play-making ability, Norman likens the signal-caller to an incarnation of Gandalf.

“That is pretty much Gandalf the White over there,” Norman said of Rodgers, via ESPN. “That’s a wizard. That’s who he is, to me. Tom Brady is Gandalf the Grey and he’s just an upper class of that. For me, that’s the best of the best, man.

“I think a ‘wizard’ pretty much describes everything there is to know about the type of quarterback [Rodgers is]. … That’s him and Tom Brady. Of course, you have others. Yeah, I mean, that’s the crème of the crème.”

Not to get too bogged down in nerdy Middle Earth mythology and whatnot, but it’s interesting how Norman deems Rodgers “Gandalf the White” and Brady “Gandalf the Grey.”

Norman presumably was referring to how Brady is the elder of the quarterbacks, everyone — meaning, again, nerds — knows that “Gandalf the White” was the more powerful of the two incarnations of Gandalf. One reasonably should surmise that Brady remains the superior quarterback in many respects — primarily in light of the number of Super Bowl victories — so he arguably should be hailed as the superior version of Gandalf.

After all, Gandalf the Grey perished after his lengthy pursuit and battle with the Balrog under Moria, after which his spirit traveled “out of thought and time,” only to return to Lórien, where he was healed and re-clothed in white robes by Galadriel, thereby becoming Gandalf the White.

Wait. What we were talking about here? Oh yeah, football. And Norman referring to Rodgers as Gandalf the White. Perhaps Norman isn’t that much of a “Lord of the Rings” buff after all.

Then again, maybe he thinks Rodgers is the better overall quarterback. That too is possible. What a nerdy discussion either way.