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Eric Dickerson: Ezekiel Elliott won’t break my rookie rushing record


Eric Dickerson may very well recognize his NFL rookie-season rushing record could be in jeopardy due to the impressive exploits of Ezekiel Elliott. But the iconic running back nevertheless believes his record is safe.

“Zeke does a great job of picking and choosing his holes, he really does,” Dickerson said during an appearance Wednesday on ESPN’s SportsCenter. “And the offensive line, they stopped everybody at the line of scrimmage. But is he gonna break that record? No, he ain’t gonna break that record. That record’s safe.”

Heading into his tenth game, the Dallas Cowboys standout rookie has 1,005 rushing yards, putting him on pace to finish the season with 1,787 yards. That would leave Elliott just short of Dickerson’s record of 1,808 yards, set in 1983 with the Los Angeles Rams.

Dickerson expressed confidence again in retaining the record when asked how he’d feel if Elliott did in fact best his rookie mark.

“I’d be happy for him, I really would,” Dickerson said. “But that’s not gonna happen. … I’m not gonna throw a party either way.”

Dickerson’s confidence doesn’t mean he isn’t impressed with what Elliott has accomplished, suggesting rookie of the year honors are merited, adding Elliott may garner MVP consideration along with teammate Dak Prescott.

The entire debate concerning whether Elliott could break Dickerson’s record began well before the start of the season, with Dickerson claiming Elliott’s agent informed him of the rookie’s faith in breaking the record.

About the same time, Elliott had this to say about Dickerson.

“I know a little bit about him,” Elliott said. “Eighteen hundred yards. We joke about it all the time. I told him I’m going to get it.”

To be fair to Elliott, though, it wasn’t much later that he hedged his bets a bit before blaming the media for starting the conversation in the first place, which according to Dickerson, isn’t entirely accurate.

Whether Elliott does in fact break Dickerson’s record arguably is immaterial when compared to a much more appealing possibility on the horizon for the surging 8-1 Cowboys: A potentially deep run in the postseason.