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Fan gets tooth yanked out with football after Cubs win World Series (vid)


A fan proved to be a young man of his word by allowing his friends to conspire in yanking out one of this teeth via a tossed football, one of the most unconventional methods of tooth extraction ever seen, albeit not wholly original (here and here).

The Cubs fan in question apparently agreed before the playoffs began to undergo this amateurish act of gonzo dentistry should the Cubs break their 108-year-old World Series curse, which of course they did, beating the Cleveland Indians in a thrilling seven-game series.

The dentistry “tools” utilized in this street surgery included only a football attached to a string, the latter which is later tied to the tooth set to be extracted.

Before he honors the bet, the patient proclaims, “”I’m not a liar, that’s not what I’m about, not now, not ever.”

The procedure then commences, as the young man whose tooth is tied to a football watches the events play out in front of him, presumably with some semblance of trepidation.

For those who doubt the legitimacy of the video, the fan later posted photographic evidence that his tooth was indeed extracted.

Good grief. Only in America. One has to assume that beyond the understandable terror, the kid had to be thinking about how he got himself into such a dicey situation right before the tooth departed from his mouth. Sheesh.