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Russell Wilson on Super Bowl XLIX INT: ‘Just a page’ in career, more to come


With the Seattle Seahawks set for a Super Bowl XLIX rematch with the New England Patriots on Sunday night, thoughts inevitably have turned to Russell Wilson’s critical interception late in the game that sealed a heartbreaking 28-24 loss.

But to hear it from the Seahawks signal-caller, he’s long since moved onfrom that disappointment, saying it’s just one moment in his career, albeit a disappointing one. What’s more, there’s plenty more pages to come.

“It’s just a page, and there’s a lot more pages to write,” Wilson said, via ESPN. “You just move forward. I’m looking forward to this week.”

Wilson’s comments can come off as cliched at times, even rote or overly prepared. But it certainly seems Wilson has left the bad memories in the distant past.

“I’m not one of those emotional type people when it comes to playing the game of football, in the sense of necessarily the wins or losses of it all,” he said, via The Seattle Times. “I love the game, I always want to win. If you win one, you move on, if you lose one, you move on. That’s just how concrete my mind is when it comes to winning and losing.”

Wilson did admit he watched film from Super Bowl XLIX this week, presumably including Malcolm Butler’s soul-crushing, goal-line interception. He claims it wasn’t as tough as some might suspect.

Wilson obviously rebounded well after the loss when looking back on the totality of his 2015 season. After a slow start elicited whispers of him being nothing more than a “celebrity quarterback” — whatever that means — Wilson set the league on fire down the stretch. While the season ended in disappointment with a playoff loss to the Carolina Panthers, Wilson chooses to look forward, not backward.

“I think every once in awhile you get a cut, but it will heal,” he said. “For me, I’m just looking forward to the next opportunity just to play the great game of football. You win some, you lose some, but hopefully you win a lot more than you lose. You’re just looking forward to the next opportunity. That’s not even our focus. We’re looking forward to this week. It’s a new year, it’s a new game and we’re excited about that.”