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Cubs considering White House visit before Obama leaves office


Theo Epstein says the Chicago Cubs may take up Barack Obama on his White House invitation after all.

Shortly after the Cubs broke their 108-year World Series curse, President Obama, of course who has ties to Chicago (albeit as a White Sox fan), took to Twitter to invite the team to the White House for the traditional championship visit before he leaves office early in 2017.

Epstein stated this week that the Cubs might be interested in taking up Obama on the invite.

“I know after he tweeted that out — and that was well before the election — there was a lot of interest from our players in taking him up on that invitation,” Epstein said this week, via CSN Chicago. “There was some momentum for it. So we’ll see. Nothing has been finalized. But we’ll see where it goes. It would be nice given his Chicago ties.”

As Epstein notes, the tweeted invite came before Donald Trump won the presidency. Epstein, who said he is still “processing” the arguably stunning results of the presidential election, made it clear the Cubs were interested in pushing up their White House visit before Trump won.

It merits noting, though, that Epstein made an appearance at a Hillary Clinton fundraiser in downtown Chicago in September and reportedly made a sizable donation. The Cubs boss also had a history of supporting Obama, so there’s that as well. Cubs ownership also was targeted by Trump during the campaign.

With all that in mind, it will be interesting to see if the Cubs do show up at the White House before Trump is inaugurated in January. And if so, it will be even more interesting trying to glean the exact reason the Cubs elected to do so.

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