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Richard Jefferson: Cavaliers will be ‘last team to visit the White House’


The Cleveland Cavaliers are at the White House Thursday afternoon for the traditional visit by NBA champions. The way Richard Jefferson sees it, it may mark the last time any team visits the White House to celebrate a title, at least for a few years, presumably due to the election of Donald Trump.

Jefferson, following an Election Day after one of the bitterest, most divisive and controversial campaigns ever, on Wednesday posted a video to Snapchat in which he laments what role the Cavaliers may play, saying, “Words cannot express the honor I feel being the last team to visit the White House tomorrow.”

And then there’s this tweet from Sports Illustrated senior writer Lee Jenkins.

While it’s a distinct possibility said player was Jefferson, that may not be the case, either.

Jefferson’s Snapchat echoes comments from NBA analyst Jalen Rose, who believes NBA players won’t visit a Trump White House.

The outcome of the election not surprisingly sent shock waves throughout the country, and the world of sports was not immune to the seismic aftereffects. Countless high-profile athletes — including Jefferson’s own teammate, Hillary Clinton supporter LeBron James — have weighed in on it.

A handful of NBA head coaches, including Stan Van Gundy, Steve Kerr and Doc Rivers have made their opinions known as well, with Van Gundy and Kerry blasting Trump’s victory.

In baseball, the Chicago Cubs are considering a visit to the White House before President Barack Obama leaves office in early 2017. But it merits pointing out part of the reason the Cubs may do so is because Obama extended the invitation in the first place.

Bleacher Report’s Mike Freeman indicates that the outcome of the election has created a deepening racial divide in NFL locker rooms.

In other words, the polarizing political environment — irrespective of the loyalties and leanings of any particular player or organization, or perhaps even the outcome of the election — may mean Jefferson’s claim that the Cavaliers may be the last team to pay a visit to the White House for some time might not be an empty threat by any measure.