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Jay Cutler on presidential election outcome: ‘I’m happy with the results’


Chicago Bears quarterback Jay Cutler spoke briefly but candidly about how he is pleased with the outcome of the presidential election.

“I’m happy with the results,” Cutler said. “I’ve supported Trump for a while. I’m not going to dive into it. I know it’s a sensitive issue, but I like where it’s going.”

Cutler is an Indiana native, the home state of Vice President-elect Mike Pence. While he has every right to express his political views, they likely stand in stark contrast with a contingent of his Bears teammates, especially in lieu of an enlightening report from Mike Freeman.

The Bleacher Report writer spoke to several NFL players and it appears feelings regarding the outcome of the presidential election is breaking down along racial lines in the locker room, with a “sharp contrast” between white and black players.

On the eve of Election Day, Bears players were asked about the impending vote.

“This expletive is crazy,” linebacker Jerrell Freeman said, censoring himself, via the Chicago Sun-Times.

“This (expletive) is crazy,” guard Eric Kush added. “We all agree on that. And that’s it.”

It appears the Bears exercised caution when discussing politics.

“You’re teammates,” Kush said. “Especially with an election like this, you don’t want to get into that.”

“But this is one of those elections, where, if you voice those opinions, you’re going to upset somebody,” said tight end Ben Braunecker.

This recent presidential election cycle proved to be among the most contentious and polarizing in history. It has proven to be a divisive force not only in the general population but inside locker rooms as well. It will be something to watch how things shake out in the coming weeks and months. As far as the Bears are concerned, though, it will be interesting to see in the immediate future how Cutler’s  teammates react to his statements, if at all.