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Ian Poulter has meltdown, destroys his phone, caddie’s as well (pic)


Ian Poulter is something of a fiery sort, prone to on-course outbursts and the like. He’s also prone to bouts of, well, not thinking things through.

Perhaps then it shouldn’t be all that surprising that some collateral damage has occurred as a result of the English golfer losing his temper a tad.

Poulter took to Twitter to document how a meltdown during which he beat on his golf bag with a club resulted in the demolition of not only his phone but his caddie’s as well.

Oops. And let’s thrown in a “DERP” for good measure.

Although given Poulter has over $18 million in career earnings on the PGA Tour — not to mention the €23,432,364 he’s made on the European Tour, much less endorsements and the like — it’s safe to say he’s got the cash to replace the phones more than a thousand times over.