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Charlie Sheen: Indians ‘maybe’ lost World Series over first pitch refusal


Charlie Sheen isn’t saying the Cleveland Indians lost to the Chicago Cubs in the World Series because he wasn’t allowed to throw out a ceremonial first pitch during the Fall Classic. On the other hand, he isn’t exactly ruling it out, either.

The actor, perhaps best known for playing Indians pitcher Ricky “Wild Thing” Vaughn in the “Major League” movies, was asked recently by entertainment site X17 if some kind of hex was placed on Cleveland over their refusal to allow him the opportunity to throw out a first pitch.

“There was a guy named Dustin who I ran into after dinner on Thursday before the series began. And without provocation, without anything, he said, ‘Hey, Charlie Sheen if you don’t throw out the first pitch, the Indians are going to lose the World Series,'” Sheen said after being asked by a cameraman at Los Angeles International Airport.

Sheen openly campaigned for a shot at a ceremonial first pitch at one of the World Series games at Progressive Field, only to be rebuffed by the Indians and Major League Baseball. This prompted Sheen to fire back on Twitter.

Despite not being allowed to throw out a first pitch, Sheen nevertheless rallied behind the Indians ahead of Game 7, a game in which Jim Thome ultimately handled ceremonial pitching duties.

Sheen then returned to Twitter this week to revive his argument that the Indians upset the “Baseball Gods” by not including him in some way in the World Series festivities.

But when pressed to state unequivocally if he believed the Indians lost the World Series because of him, Sheen hedged his bets, albeit only slightly.

“If I say yes, it’s a little self serving, if I say no it’s not adhering to the laws of the game,” he said. “… Maybe. Hells to maybe.”

Such a classic Charlie Sheen kind of response. And really, what else should we expect?