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Richard Sherman reacts to castration tweet from wife of Bills kicker


Kaela Carpenter, the wife of Buffalo Bills kicker Dan Carpenter, on Wednesday attempted to clarify an objectionable tweet from Monday night in which she suggested Richard Sherman should be castrated, a tweet that was condemned by many as being subtley, if not overtly, racist.

The controversy started when Carpenter, after seeing her husband get drilled by Sherman on a blocked field goal attempt — a play the NFL admitted should have resulted in a personal foul — posted the following tweet, which has since been deleted.


Sherman initially did post a response to the inflammatory social media post, although he didn’t note the racist undertones.

However, when speaking to ESPN’s Ed Werder about the incident, Sherman expressed disappointment with how easily Carpenter could make such a statement.

As noted, Carpenter in response to the backlash again took to Twitter to indicate her “lighthearted defense” of her husband was an “attempt at humor during a heated and highly controversial NFL game.” She added the tweet “was never intended to be related to race, or the disgusting hatred that created the basis for racism.”

We’ll have to wait and see if Sherman reacts to Carpenter’s statement. Intent aside, her original social media musing obviously would have been better left unsaid. Or in this case, un-tweeted.