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Mets GM laughs when asked if Tim Tebow will get spring training invite


Tim Tebow shouldn’t expect a spring training invite from the New York Mets in a couple months if Sandy Alderson’s response when asked about it is any indication.

The Mets general manager was asked during a visit to Scottsdale, Ariz., if Tebow is progressing along well enough to merit an invite to major-league spring training. The question alone elicited chuckles out of Alderson.

“No, but a couple additional walk-off hits he might merit consideration,” Alderson joked following his bout of laughter.

After declining to reveal what plans the organization has for Tebow going forward, Alderson did point out on a serious note that the football star-turned-really-raw-baseball prospect has received a trial-by-fire start to his pro ball career.

“I don’t want to get into it right now,” Alderson said of Tebow’s possible future assignments. “The guy is going through a warp-speed development process. Who knows what’s going to happen at the end.”

Alderson noted that opportunities for Tebow to play winter ball were limited given obligations to travel on weekends for his role as SEC Network analyst, an arrangement rubber-stamped by the Mets organization from the onset. The GM added access to Mets hitting coach Kevin Long in Arizona also made Phoenix a good fit for Tebow.

Alderson also warned against reading too much into Tebow’s play in the Arizona Fall League. The emergence of a scathing scouting report from an MLB insider —  not to mention reportedly appearing grossly over-matched — indicates Tebow has a long way to go.

It’s also been noted that finding Tebow’s baseball stats has proven to be a difficult task. But once discovered, the results aren’t pretty. As of Tuesday, Tebow is hitting a paltry .146 in 41 official at-bats. Alderson, despite the troubling picture the stats paint, says Tebow has “largely” held his own in the batter’s box, but issues remain.

“His strikeout rate is not horrendous, he’s making decent contact, he’s getting better,” Alderson observed.

Anytime the word “horrendous” is used, it’s not a good sign. But as Alderson points out, Tebow apparently is improving. But not enough to warrant a spring training invite. Apparently, that’s a laughable notion.