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Seahawks fan slapped after calling female Bills coach ‘waitress’ (vid)


A sexist Seattle Seahawks fan got what he deserved after taunting Buffalo Bills special teams quality control coach Kathryn Smith by repeatedly calling her “waitress.”

The incident in question occurred during Monday night’s tilt between the Seahawks and Bills at CenturyLink Field. As Smith, the first full-time female assistant coach in NFL history, made her way onto the field, the obnoxious Seahawks fan in question could be heard loudly saying “waitress” over and over, along with requests to get him a Pepsi.

It’s probably — and unfortunately — something Smith has been forced to endure for being a trailblazer, and it’s clear  she simply chooses to ignore the boorish behavior. But one female Seahawks fan was having nothing of it, smacking the man for such inappropriate conduct.

Well done, fellow Seahawks fan. This kind of behavior obviously has no place in society. But then again, given the kind of deplorable conduct frequently on display in NFL stadiums on game day, it’s hardly surprising that this incident occurred.