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Pete Carroll on Rex Ryan ripping Richard Sherman: ‘Coach your own guys’


Seattle Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll had some words of his own for Rex Ryan after the Buffalo Bills head coach exchanged some with Richard Sherman during the teams’ Monday night showdown.

The incident in question occurred after a Sherman interception during the third quarter of Seattle’s 31-25 victory. But it was precipitated in part by a play at the end of the first half when Sherman drilled Bills kicker Dan Carpenter on a field goal attempt after jumping offside.

Sherman wasn’t penalized during the game but NFL senior vice president of officiating Dean Blandino stated after the fact Sherman should have been flagged for unnecessary roughness.

With all that as a backdrop, here’s the exchange between Sherman and Ryan after the third-quarter pick.

“He’s mean mugging like he’s doing and whatever,” Rex Ryan said of Sherman. “The guy’s a great player. I guess it wasn’t as bad as I thought. I thought he roughed our kicker. It was a ridiculous play, no question. Then he’s over on the sideline, taunting us. So I had some words. I think I said, ‘You’re too good of a player to act like an ass.’ I think that’s what I said.”

Sherman blew off the confrontation after the game, saying Ryan is “one of those coaches that likes to talk.”

Carroll, on the other hand, ripped Ryan for what transpired and for what the Bills coach said about it.

“I just wish he’d coach his own team,” Carroll said during his weekly appearance on on Seattle’s 710 ESPN. “Just coach your own guys.”

Carroll also accused Carpenter of overselling things, saying he “hams it up a little bit too.”

It’s hardly surprising for Carroll to call out Ryan, as it’s his obligation to defend his own players. Speaking of Ryan, he’s cultivated a reputation of instilling the kind of swagger demonstrated by Sherman in his own players, so his criticism comes off at least a bit disingenuous.

Then again, Ryan is simply doing what Carroll did as well: Protecting his players and his team. So the case can be made his original comments shouldn’t be all that surprising, either.