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LeBron James says ‘basketball comes second’ on Election Day


LeBron James is one of the more politically outspoken NBA players of his generation, so it should not be surprising he’s stressing the importance of Election Day. In fact, James said “basketball comes second” to Tuesday’s election, even with the undefeated Cleveland Cavaliers hosting that Atlanta Hawks at Quicken Loans Arena on Election Day night.

“I think, definitely, basketball comes second even though we have a job to do today,” James said after Tuesday morning’s shootaround, via’s Chris Fedor. “We will handle that business, but it definitely comes second.”

James, who revealed he voted early on Monday, made a point to note that Cavs players will be informed of any developments related to the battle for the presidency between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump during the game.

“It’s a huge day. Not because of the candidates in it, but it’s election time,” he said. “It’s who’s going to be our next president of the United States, and we feel like it’s the greatest country in the world and we need a real true leader to run it. So, it’s a huge day for us.”

The Cavaliers superstar’s political leanings and allegiances — at least as it pertains to the presidential ballot — already are well known. James originally endorsed Clinton in an October essay. And then he appeared at a Clinton rally over the weekend in Cleveland.

“It was great to be a part of it,” James said of his appearance. “She’s a great lady. She’s very appreciative of us being able to do something like that. Especially here, in this state, just show my appreciation for what she’s trying to accomplish. But, I mean, she has so much on her plate right now there’s not much dialogue you can have in that short of time.”

James being so public with his political loyalties of course opens him up to criticism from those who disagree with his views. It certainly seems James is comfortable with that possibility.