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Jerry Jones on presidential election: ‘We’re going to be fine either way’


Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones understands all too well it only invites controversy to discuss politics, so there’s no way he’s going to speak at length one way or the other about the impending outcome of the presidential election.

The way Jones sees it is he has an obligation to the Cowboys organization and its fans, so to express his political views one way or the other, be it in support of Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton or otherwise, risks alienating or offending some contingent of those groups.

“I can’t afford to have any output there,” Jones said Tuesday morning during an appearance on 105.3 The Fan, via CBS Sports. “That just isn’t the way I do it there. The most important thing that I have is the Dallas Cowboys, and the fans that are there. I feel like I’ve got to get in here and do whatever I can do to keep our guys on the team so to speak, I’m talking about the fans.”

Jones’ noncommittal comments on Election Day — one that follows one of the bitterest, most contentious and divisive presidential election campaigns ever — follow in form to what he said last week when declining to endorse either Trump or Clinton.

“We’re going to be fine either way this thing goes, in my opinion,” Jones said last week. “But I don’t want to get in trouble with that statement.”

Jones has offered up praise for both Clinton and Trump at different stages of the campaign, but declining to endorse either of them is hardly a surprising move from someone with as much business savvy as the Cowboys owner. Perhaps there’s a future in politics for Jones. Then again, perhaps not.