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Dan Haren trolls Curt Schilling over anti-journalist tweet


Curt Schilling, as he is frequently wont to do, subversively injected himself and his controversial opinions into the political fray by taking to Twitter to applaud a shirt that supported the lynching of journalists.

Not surprisingly, the backlash was immediate. Schilling ultimately deleted the alarming social media musing, although as we have learned countless times, nothing is ever truly deleted from the Internet, and the tweet was saved for posterity.

As noted, the response to Schilling’s was swift, with much of the reaction of the unfavorable sort, although not a universal condemnation by any measure. Former major league pitcher Dan Haren, a frequent Twitter provocateur in his own right, arguably had the best reaction — from a trolling perspective — to Schilling’s anti-journalism commentary.

Boom. A mocking reference to Schilling’s famous “bloody sock” from Game 6 of the 2004 ALCS and calling it out as a hoax? Roasted.

For what it’s worth, Schilling, despite deleting the original tweet, defended himself, calling it “100% sarcasm.” It hasn’t stopped Schilling from continuing to espouse his political views on social media, either, on this Election Day.