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Metta World Peace goes on bizarre Twitter rant about liking racist jokes


Metta World Peace of course is one of the more eccentric personalities to ever play in the NBA. The Los Angeles Lakers veteran also has a tendency to tweet some off-the-wall things from time to time. But on Thursday, MWP took his unique world view to another level with a bizarre Twitter rant about liking racist jokes while railing against political correctness.

In essence, Metta argues that so long as one’s heart is in the right place, it’s okay to make racist jokes, save for ones about slavery or the Holocaust. He even mentions Michael Richard’s infamous racist outburst during a stand-up performance from years ago, arguing a simple “just playing” would have saved the “Seinfeld” star from all the backlash.

Peace adds we need comedy more than ever and stresses the importance of celebrating diversity. He also manages to slip in a tweet about the upcoming election, for some reason. And all the tweets came as he took in the Golden State Warriors’ throttling of the Oklahoma City Thunder on television, so there’s that.

What follows is his social media musings from Thursday night in chronological order. Buckle up, it’s something of a bumpy ride.

Indeed, Metta World Peace. Indeed. Or something like that.

It merits noting, though, that this isn’t Metta World Peace’s first go-round concerning questionable comedic material. He indicated his own stand-up act from a few years back — yep, there was such a thing called the “Metta World Peace Comedy Slam Dunk” in 2012 — would feature some pretty controversial bits, so there’s that as well.