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Kevin Durant blows off Russell Westbrook’s photographer outfit


Kevin Durant wasn’t about to let what appeared to be some pregame trolling courtesy of Russell Westbrook spoil the Golden State Warriors’ 122-96 throttling of the Oklahoma City Thunder.

Westbrook strolled into Oracle Arena sporting a vest that read “Official Photographer,” seemingly a potshot at Durant’s photography hobby.

Durant, who scored a game-high 39 points against his former team in Thursday’s highly anticipated showdown, wouldn’t take the bait when asked about Westbrook’s pregame attire, essentially blowing off the entire situation.

“I don’t care about what nobody wear to the game,” Durant said after the game, via ESPN’s Chris Haynes. “Who gives a s—. I don’t care what he wore.”

Westbrook, meanwhile, denied his pregame antics were intended to troll Durant, saying, “There’s no particular reason. There’s no story behind it.”

Both Durant and Westbrook attempted to downplay any added significance to Thursday’s tilt, but there’s little doubt that both players hoped to be on the winning side of the match-up. There have been so many instances of back and forth exchanges between the two former teammates that featured some degree of passive aggressiveness or outright sarcasm that it’s likely Durant is thrilled with the outcome of the game.

Westbrook? Not so much, despite anything he says.