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Jerry Jones refuses to endorse either Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton


In a toxic, divisive and volatile political climate heading into an Election Day that follows one of the most contentious and controversial presidential campaigns ever, Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones wasn’t about to jump into the fray by endorsing either Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton.

Wisely avoiding getting ensnared in a political flame war, Jones on Friday instead opted to highlight that both Clinton and Trump have their redeemable qualities.

“Not at all,” Jones said on 105.3 The Fan [KRLD-FM] when asked to provide an endorsement, as transcribed by The Dallas Morning News. “I have a lot of admiration for both of these people. I really do. My goodness, what would it be to have a woman as our first president and have it be Hillary. I know both of them personally. I admired it when she got the nomination.

“And then I just cannot believe through his own unique way, Donald Trump has a shot to be President of the United States. So I look at it a little differently. I know they’ve caught a lot of flak in areas they look so highly — I’ll just say — flawed, but you know I understand that a little bit. I’ve had nothing like that, but I’ve had a couple of weak spots pointed out.

“I know there’s a lot of good there too in both of these people.”

Jones’ rambling commentary obviously didn’t show which way he’s leaning personally in the presidential election. That’s the kind of savvy that would make Jones a capable politician in his own right, although he’s unequivocally stated he has no interest whatsoever in entering the world of politics, much less running for the highest office in all the land.