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Royals continue tradition by sending Cubs congratulatory pizzas


The Kansas City Royals continued a recently created World Series tradition by sending the Chicago Cubs congratulatory pizzas following their thrilling Game 7 triumph over the Cleveland Indians on Wednesday night.

The 2015 world champions first sent out a congratulatory tweet shortly after the Cubs’ extra-inning victory.

The Royals then arranged for enough Giordano’s deep dish pizza to be shipped to the Cubs front office to feed 150 people.

“It’s a really nice touch for the team that won it all the year before to send it to those folks who worked so hard,” said Toby Cook, the Royals’ vice president of publicity, via The Kansas City Star.

The Royals were inspired to arrange for the glorified pizza party after the San Francisco Giants, then the defending champions, did the same for them, sending along 25 pies after the Royals topped the New York Mets.

The entire pizza party bit appears to have been spawned by the 2013 World Series champion Boston Red Sox, who treated the Giants to one after they won the 2014 championship. And with that, a World Series-worthy tradition was born.