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LeBron James on Indians losing ‘epic’ Game 7: ‘You never get past the pain’

LeBron James knows a thing or two or four about coming up just short in a pursuit of championship glory, so he understands exactly what the Cleveland Indians are going through right now.

James, who was in attendance at Progressive Field for Game 7 and watched the Indians lose in heartbreaking fashion, originally sent a heartfelt message to the team on Wednesday night.

And then on Thursday, the Cleveland Cavaliers superstar spoke at lengthabout the Indians’ loss and how championship series and title games are what’s worst about sports.

“That’s probably the worst thing about sports is when you have such an epic game one team has to lose,” James said after Cavs shootaround, via ESPN’s Dave McMenamin. “It would have been great for both sides if the game was just called off, 6-6, and both of them get the trophy.

“Sports is a beautiful thing. It brings so many people together. It can be heartbreaking at times. It can be uplifting … and it’s never going to stop. It’s going to go beyond all of us — you guys covering the game, me playing the game — and the thing about it is the support of teams and championships never stops. It’s been going [on] forever.”

James touted the Indians’ season a “success” despite coming up short in the World Series.

“Obviously to get all the way there and not be able to come out victorious, it hurts, especially for those guys that have worked so hard all season,” he said.

James went on to mention his personal experiences in Finals losses when noting the Indians will regrettably deal with the disappointment for a long time.

“You never get past the pain,” he said. “I still think about and dream about or have nightmares about losing in the Finals … It’s like you get all the way there and then you lose the big one, it’s just tough.”

James, despite being a longtime Yankees fan, came out in full force in complete support of the Indians during the postseason run. It appears he stuck with the team all the way to the bitter end.