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Cam Newton jokes he gets starstruck by ‘looking in a mirror’


Carolina Panthers superstar quarterback Cam Newton presumably was joking when saying he finds himself starstruck on occasions when he gazes upon his own reflection.

The starstruck theme was in part spawned by the site of the Panthers’ Week 9 game: Los Angeles for a showdown with Rams at the Coliseum.

Newton spent much of the past offseason in L.A. in part to work on his Nickelodeon show “All In With Cam Newton.” In light of spending time in Hollywood amidst all the movie stars and A-listers, Newton was asked to specify the occasions when he finds himself starstruck.

“Looking in a mirror,” Newton said, before laughing, adding, “That was a layup. … I was just teasing.”

Striking a more serious tone, Newton said while he rarely gets starstruck, he admitted to be taken aback a bit when he first met Michael Jordan and Denzel Washington, whom he met while working on his show.

“Just such a humble person,” Newton said of Washington. “Both are. That’s what makes them so great, them understanding who they are and what they mean and for them to just give personal stories and always try to be a service to other people is what makes them great.

“Hopefully, I can do the same one day.”

Back in the football world, though, Newton is looking forward to Sunday’s tilt against the Rams, a critical game for the Panthers if the team hopes to recover from its disappointing 2-5 record.

“I’m excited about it. I’m excited about playing in L.A. I’m looking forward to seeing a couple of people I haven’t seen in a long time, reunite with some people from the ‘All In With Cam’ show.'”

Newton has had an eventful week since blasting the NFL during his postgame press conference over hits he’s been taking. He later had a “great discussion” with NFL commissioner Roger Goodell.

What are the odds Newton found himself starstruck during that conversation?