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Terry Francona receives ‘World Series Survival Kit’ from ice cream company


Terry Francona recently admitted he dealt with insomnia by ordering $44 worth of ice cream from room service at 3:30 in the morning ahead of the Cleveland Indians’ Game 5 showdown with the Chicago Cubs in the World Series.

In order to help the Indians skipper avoid having to make such extravagant late-night orders to get his ice cream fix, a Cleveland-based company has come to the rescue with a “World Series Survival Kit.”

Pierre’s Ice Cream, which happens to be available at Progressive Field, personally delivered said survival kit to the Indians clubhouse on Monday, a day ahead of Game 6, the first of two opportunities for Cleveland to win it all in their home ballpark.

“With the series moving back to Cleveland… as a proud Cleveland company and the official ice cream of the Cleveland Indians, we wanted to do our part to help Mr. Francona and the team on to victory in Game 6!” said Matt Thornicroft, Pierre’s assistant marketing and communications manager, via

Francona’s “Survival Kit” included the following tempting flavors: Premium French Vanilla, Signature Mocha Mud Pie, Premium Campfire Toasted S’mores, Signature Speculoos Cookie Butter, Smooth Churned Waffle Cone Sundae, Premium Black Raspberry Chip, Mango Sorbet, Premium Strawberry Cheesecake, Premium Chocolate and Everything but the Kitchen Sink.

“It was a large container loaded with all of the fun flavors, complete with serving supplies,” Thornicroft added. “In all it was about 32 containers (14 1.5-quart containers and 18 pints), equivalent to 240 half-cup servings… enough for members of the team to enjoy as well.”

That’s all well and good, but given Francona’s evident proclivity for ice cream overindulgence, is there any chance he’ll be willing to share in his abundant stash of sweet treats?