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NBA to start selling cashmere sweaters for $1,600 a pop (pics)


The NBA has announced a partnership with clothing brand The Elder Statesman where it will begin selling high-end clothing and accessories. Highlighting the list are league- and team-themed cashmere sweaters that will retail for a whopping $1,620.

If dropping well over a grand for a sweater — albeit a cashmere one — is a little out of one’s price range, intarsia-knit beanies are also available and will sell for a much more reasonable — in a manner of speaking — price of $420. Scarves and tees are also part of the NBA-themed line.

The Elder Statesman’s Greg Chait was pleasantly surprised with how hands-off the league was as he designed the items.

“I wanted to get a real partnership done, and the NBA was super hip and into the idea. They didn’t come in and put a bunch of restrictions on me, they respect The Elder Statesman for what it is,” he told The Business of Fashion, via Esquire. “They know that my brand is very small compared to theirs, but they like what we stand for and that we’re an American company. They like our crazy color-blocking and our tie-dying. That’s the stuff they’re most excited for.”

The release of the initial line of items will come on Nov. 4 and be available at Barneys New York.

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