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Dad claims he found Browns tickets in kid’s Halloween candy bag (pic)

The Cleveland Browns apparently are so awful that people are giving their tickets away, so says one father who claims he discovered two of them mixed in with his child’s Halloween candy bounty.

There’s obviously no way to ascertain whether or not this man’s claim that two Browns tickets somehow ended up in his kid’s Halloween candy is legitimate. But there is one thing that warrants some semblance of skepticism. The tweet was posted on Oct. 30, a day ahead of Halloween. Sure, it’s entirely feasible that some pre-Halloween trick-or-treating had occurred, but the date of the tweet alone merits suspicion.

Then again, the Browns sit a 0-8 and conceivably could lose the rest of their games this season and end up 0-16. If you were a Browns fan and had tickets to a game at FirstEnergy Stadium, would you want to waste your Sunday afternoon on that kind of horror show? That in of itself makes it a distinct possibility that this kind of thing could occur.

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