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Tiniest Michigan flag ever planted in yard of Urban Meyer’s home (pic)


The Ohio State Buckeyes and Michigan Wolverines don’t play until Nov. 26 at Ohio Stadium, but there seems to be someone who wants to start the patented shenanigans ahead of the showdown a few weeks early.

Shelley Meyer, wife of Buckeyes head coach Urban Meyer, took to Twitter Friday to post evidence of how someone had planted a tiny Michigan flag in the yard of their Dublin, Ohio, home.

It appears the “Team Up North” — as Meyer refers to Michigan — is attempting to expand its dominion south, albeit by staking its claim with a comically diminutive flag.

Meyer’s wife seems to be having a bit of fun with the trespass trolling, but odds are this transgression won’t be the last time either a Wolverines fan or a Buckeyes backer tries to do something to upset the fans of their fiercest rivals.

That said, something about Wolverines head coach Jim Harbaugh — perhaps his unhinged intensity — lends to the thought that should some wiseacre Buckeyes fan try to pull this kind of stunt by planting a flag in his yard … well, there’s a good chance Harbaugh himself would do some planting of his own.