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Dwyane Wade apologizes to his ‘young fans’ for throat slash gesture


Dwyane Wade took to Twitter on Friday to apologize for making a throat-slash gesture during the Chicago Bulls’ 105-99 season-opening victory over the Boston Celtics Thursday night.

Wade, playing in his first regular-season game with the Bulls, drained a three-point dagger with less than 30 seconds remaining in the fourth quarter. He then turned to the crowd and made the aforementioned gesture.

And for that, Wade is sorry, especially for the inappropriate message it sends to his young fans.

As Wade notes, playing on the home court of his hometown team for the first time must have been an emotional roller coaster. And while it may have been overwhelming for Wade in some respects, it certainly didn’t impact his play.

In 32 minutes, Wade scored 22 points with six rebounds and five assists. Most interestingly, Wade converted on four of his six three-pointer attempts after shooting an abysmal 15 percent from behind the arc last season.

A nice homecoming, indeed. Save for the unfortunate throat-slash gesture. But Wade did apologize so it should be all good.