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Russell Westbrook on 76ers fan’s double bird: ‘Uh yeah, I know, that’s crazy, right?’


Russell Westbrook’s postgame comments concerning a Philadelphia 76ers fan flipping him double middle fingers while yelling an obscenity was as impressive and composed as his original reaction during the incident on Wednesday night.

“Uh yeah, I know, that’s crazy, right?” Westbrook said, via ESPN’s Royce Young. “I turned a new leaf, though. I leave that alone, because that cost me $25,000 last time. The fan, he’ll be all right. They can say whatever they want to the players and do what they want, but my job is to play basketball, and that’s what I do.”

The incident occurred about midway through the first quarter at Wells Fargo Center during the Thunder’s 103-97 victory. The fan, wearing an Allen Iverson shirt and seated in the second row on the baseline, ultimately was escorted from the arena as a consequence for his actions. The entire scene occurred after the Oklahoma City Thunder superstar finished a layup, was fouled and proceeded to flex and yell.

But Westbrook’s confused reaction to the unruly transgression that made the scene, gesturing a the fan and asking, “Can he do that?” (via Larry Brown Sports).

Westbrook’s comments about reacting to that kind of unruly fan behavior resulting in punishment stems from a $25,000 fine for “directing inappropriate language toward a fan” during last season’s playoff series against the Dallas Mavericks.

But on Wednesday night, cooler heads prevailed … at least for Westbrook, not so much the Sixers fan.

Thunder center Steven Adams, who intervened on behalf of his teammate during the incident, weighed in how such acts are unacceptable.

“I didn’t say much, bro. You just don’t do that,” Adams said of what he told the fan. “It’s just a respect thing, mate. We’re playing. You can’t just come in there real hard and think you’re tough because we can’t touch you. You don’t do any of that stuff. I didn’t want [Westbrook] to get out of his game, so I just told him to calm down.”

But most of all, Adams praised Westbrook for maintaining his composure.

“Obviously, well done,” he said. “He didn’t punch anyone.”

True enough.