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Cavaliers replica title rings available, cost up to $12,000


Cleveland Cavaliers fans who want to share in the joy of the NBA team delivering a championship to the town can do so by ordering their very own replica title ring. While there are cheaper versions available, the ring that comes closest to replicating the arguably gaudy pieces of championship bling will cost a buyer upwards of $12,000.

Granted, the top model can’t come close to being an exact duplicate of the high-priced ones modeled by Cavs players earlier this week. According to a Cavaliers press release, via FOX Sports, here are some of the more interesting details of the real deal:

– “WORLD CHAMPIONS” in 14K yellow gold. Each letter framed in diamonds using a total of 216 diamonds to represent Cleveland’s area code and pay tribute to the postseason theme of #ALLin216.

– Cavaliers “C” made up of custom cut dark garnet wrapping around the Larry O’Brien trophy, which is also made in 14K yellow gold.

– One carat diamond atop the trophy for Cavs’ first NBA title in franchise history.

– 100 diamonds in the background showcase number of Cavs playoff victories in franchise history to win a title.

– To the left and right of the inner circle are 46 diamonds for the 46 years the Cavs organization has been in existence.

Suffice to say, the fact alone the real ring — which LeBron James seems to like — boasts nearly 150 diamonds makes it tough to top.

But the premium deluxe championship ring available at the Cavaliers team shop — as well as Kay Jewelers — boasts 10-carat white and 14-carat yellow gold with 3.5-carat diamonds, which it should considering it costs a whopping $11,999.

Other options available, although not as fancy — and certainly not as high buck — include a customizable $549 deluxe version. Made of a “high-strength, scratch-resistant metal alloy that simulates the sheen and brilliance of polished sterling silver,” this version can be customized with additions of gold and diamonds that will cost between $1,150-$4,950 extra.

Depending on which version of rings capture their fancy, interested Cavaliers fans either better start saving, dip into retirement … or at the very least, break open their piggy banks.