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Cam Newton razzes reporter over not liking his Instagram posts


With the Carolina Panthers sitting at 1-5 and coming out of a bye with their season on the line, Cam Newton tried to add a little levity to the dire situation by calling a reporter a “ghost follower” for not liking his Instagram posts.

Newton took to social media to highlight a very relaxing bye week. Photographs of him laughing, walking poolside and standing in front of the ocean with arms outstretched highlighted his bye-week dispatches.

When asked by a reporter on Wednesday if the bye allowed Newton some time for self-evaluation, the following exchange occurred (via ESPN’s David Newton):

“Did you like it?” Newton said of the pictures, including one that showed him standing by the ocean.

The reporter said it looked better than staying in Charlotte.

“But did you like it, though?” Newton asked, again referring to the pictures.

When the reporter said he didn’t have an Instagram account, Newton smiled and said, “So you’re a ghost follower?”

The reporter asked if Newton needed him to repeat the question.

“No,” Newton said. “I want you to go back and like the picture.”

What the made the playful exchange — not to mention the press conference lasted 23 minutes — so interesting is how it stood in stark contrast to yet another surly postgame incident with the media for Newton. The Panthers signal-caller was again widely criticized — as was the case following his infamous post-Super Bowl presser — for his 90-second meeting with the media following a tough 41-38 loss to the New Orleans Saints on Oct. 16.

Newton hasn’t discussed the incident — outside of an inspirational Instagram post — but did allude to it on Wednesday when asked to address how his concussion earlier this season could change the way he plays.

“Obviously, you guys know I don’t like talking to you,” he said. “I just want to throw that out there. Just being transparent here.”

But in the end, Newton did address the uphill climb the Panthers face, explaining what the team needs to do to get back in the hunt for the postseason.

“We just need to win, and at a rapid pace — fast,” he said.