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Young Cubs fan injured during Indians fans’ Game 1 celebration


A seven-year-old Chicago Cubs fan was injured as Cleveland Indians fans celebrated during Game 1 of the World Series at Progressive Field, suffering a concussion.

The boy’s father, David Wallach, claims not only was his son injured but Indians fans later taunted them as well for being Cubs fans.

The incident occurred when the Indians scored first on the way to Tuesday’s 6-0 Game 1 victory. As the Indians fans in the bleachers around them began celebrating, Johnny was elbowed in the head, knocking him out for approximately 30 seconds, says his father.

“He spun around and I caught him, he was crying hysterically,” Wallach said, via NBC Chicago. “That’s when things kind of went off the rails. Things went from being a dream to a nightmare so quickly.”

Wallach complained about how no one came to their assistance before he decided to escort his son out of the stands himself. Wallach claims Indians fans heckled his son in a stadium tunnel as an officer attended to him.

“Here I am on the ground with my 7-year-old son and they’re shouting, ‘Cubs suck,’” he said.

Wallach detailed a trip to the hospital and all the confusion that followed, which prompted him to criticize how he and his son were treated throughout the ordeal.

“It was scary and confusing and awful and I felt like we were just hung out to dry,” he said. “You don’t see that in Chicago. I would never expect that in Chicago in a million years.”

Wallach has since added that StubHub has refunded 50 percent of the prices for the tickets. The Cubs have also been in contact with the family.

The distinction does need to be made that the young boy wasn’t attacked over being a Cubs fan. He was accidentally injured during a raucous celebration. But leave it to young Johnny to look at the bright side of things, despite the traumatic evening.

“The best thing about it is, he said, ‘Dad I still had a great time and I forgive the man who hit me,’” Wallach said. “From a little boy, that’s a great lesson for all of us.”

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