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Aqib Talib: Trevor Siemian a better QB than Brock Osweiler


Brock Osweiler made his highly anticipated return to Denver on Monday night as a member of the Houston Texans. It didn’t go as well as he hoped, as the Broncos defense stymied an ineffective Osweiler — albeit not to the extent of one Bronco player’s prediction — on the way to a convincing 27-9 victory.

Aqib Talib, after helping the Broncos defense fluster and frustrate their former quarterback, argued that despite the vast disparity in incomes, Trevor Siemian, who ultimately stepped into the starter’s role when Osweiler followed a big contract offer to Houston, has been the superior quarterback this season. And John Elway deserves credit for not overpaying for Osweiler.

“If you look at it overall, [Elway] saved a bunch of money,” Talib told USA Today. “And Trev is a great quarterback, man. He’s better than Brock in my eyes. So it’s a win-win situation.”

After dropping two straight games, the Broncos returned to form on both sides of the ball. Siemian was solid although not spectacular, going 14-for-25 for 157 yards and a touchdown.

Osweiler, meanwhile, had another uninspiring performance, going 22-for-41 for 131 yards with no touchdowns and no interceptions. But he did have three fumbles, losing one.

But to Talib’s point, Siemian, a 2015 seventh-round pick, is playing on a four-year, $2.3 million contract. Osweiler, on the other hand, signed a four-year, $72 million deal with the Texans. Suffice to say, the Broncos are getting much more mileage out of their quarterback at a far cheaper rate than the Texans.

Overall, Osweiler ranks 30th in passer rating (71.9) and 29th in completion percentage (58.2) in the NFL. Siemian, meanwhile, ranks 19th in passer rating 91.8 and 20th overall in completion percentage (63.6 percent), Siemian isn’t posting gaudy numbers by any stretch but is doing far better than what Osweiler has fared this season.

It’s of course entirely possible that Osweiler will be able to pull out of his troubling early-season struggles. But the 4-3 Texans are likely hoping to see a lot more positives come out of their considerable investment in the still-unproven Osweiler sooner rather than later.

Siemian, on the other hand? The Broncos, given his inexperience and pay rate, probably are quite pleased with how he’s playing.