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Aaron Rodgers rocks ‘Big Lebowski’ sweater at press conference (pic)


Aaron Rodgers was just coming off leading the Green Bay Packers to a convincing 26-10 victory Thursday night over the Chicago Bears when he dazzled onlookers with a fantastic homage to a movie character known simply as “The Dude.”

That’s right, Rodgers stepped to the podium rocking the cardigan sported by “The Dude” in the Coen brothers classic film, “The Big Lebowski.”

What? No White Russian? Come on, man. That would have, like, totally completed the picture, man.

Odds are Rodgers hopped into his car after the presser and relaxed to the soothing sounds of Creedence Clearwater Revival.

No Eagles, of course.

It goes without saying the cardigan really tied Rodgers’ outfit together.

And for anyone wondering, the cardigan is evidently known as the “Westerley” and has a long and storied tradition long before “The Dude” donned it. Far out, man.

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