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Sam Bradford is whole again in promo after troll job from Vikings (pic)


FOX is now using an image of Sam Bradford in its NFL promos that actually feature the quarterback’s head attached to his real body after getting victimized by a brilliant troll job from the Minnesota Vikings.

An updated version of Bradford used to promote the Vikings’ showdown with the Philadelphia Eagles in Week 7 utilizes a real-live Bradord photograph.

This seemingly innocuous graphic featuring Bradford is a far superior version than what FOX previously was using. In a promo for the same game aired during Week 6 coverage, the network inexplicably photoshopped Bradford’s head onto fellow Vikings quarterback Teddy Bridgewater’s body.

The telltale sign that Bradford’s head was attached to Bridgewater’s body was the presence of the white gloves. After all, Bridgewater isn’t referred to as “Teddy Two Gloves” for nothing, whereas Bradford is not known for sporting gloves.

The awkward graphical gaffe not surprisingly became fodder for the Vikings to launch an epic troll attack upon FOX by suggesting all the network needed to do was ask for a real photograph of Bradford.

But the knockout troll-blow came when the Vikings elected to have some fun with Photoshop by inserting Bradford’s disembodied head into memorable historical scenes and artwork.


In the end, the image of Bradford used in the promos is now a complete Bradford, so all is well in the world. But the fact the Vikings got to troll FOX over it makes the entire thing that much more comical.

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