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Theory on how Warriors could struggle: ‘They get hurt or hate each other’


The Golden State Warriors have been tabbed by NBA general managersas the odds-on favorites to win an NBA title this coming season.

Not only does this make the Warriors the envy of the league, it has prompted other teams to consider how they could be prevented from hoisting the Larry O’Brien Championship Trophy next summer, if there even is a way.

For an extensive, thorough and fantastic write-up from Bleacher Report’s Howard Beck entitled, “Operation: Stop the Warriors,” a handful of NBA team executives were willing to speak candidly but anonymously on how the Warriors created the superteam to end all superteams with the addition of Kevin Durant … and if there’s any way they can be stopped.

One member of an NBA front office hypothesized two ways through which the Warriors’ quest for championship glory could be undone quite easily: By injuries or toxic chemistry.

“That they get hurt or hate each other, for sure,” said the Western Conference executive. “We’re all rooting for that.”

The notion that there simply aren’t enough shots to spread around between all the superstar talent on the Warriors arguably is a legitimate concern.

Beyond that, another NBA team executive proposed another method to thwart the Warriors’ title aspirations from the outside: By playing physical and beating up on them on the court.

“The good teams with coaches that are bloodthirsty, they’re going to say, ‘Let’s go out and try to knock them around a little bit,’” said one Eastern Conference team executive.

While the Warriors understandably are seen as NBA title favorites given the unparalleled talent the team has assembled, the league’s marathon-like regular season could serve as a potential roadblock. Any team, irrespective of talent, can come apart at the seams over the course of 82 games because of injury and/or chemistry issues, among myriad other unpredictable developments. Charles Barkley can think of at least one.

One Eastern Conference head coach suggested that it’s not a foregone conclusion the Warriors will represent the West in the 2017 NBA Finals.

“I think the Clippers and the Spurs have a legitimate chance to compete against [the Warriors],” he said. “To beat them, I don’t know about that. But definitely to compete against them.”

So he’s saying there’s a chance.