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Dwyane Wade on possibility of returning to Heat: ‘Anything is possible’


Dwyane Wade insists he’s happy to be embarking upon his first season as a member of his hometown Chicago Bulls. But the ties that bind him to South Beach apparently are strong, as Wade hinted that it’s possible he would one day return to the Miami Heat.

Wade mentioned the potential of a reunion with the Heat during an interview with The Crossover’s Rohan Nadkarni, mentioning he never expected to leave Miami in the first place.

“I never thought I would not be there. At this point in my career, I’ve been asked that, and it’s not a focus of mine. I’m happy where I am. I gave Miami everything I had for 13 years. The years I have left, hopefully I can give as much to Chicago,” Wade said. “You never know what the future holds so you never want to say yes or no. Anything is possible. But, I’m cool right now. I’m good.”

There were a lot of whispers in the wake of Wade’s move to Chicago that part of it stemmed from a fractured relationship with the Heat organization, specifically with Pat Riley, despite the Heat boss’ over-the-top reaction to Wade’s departure.

While much has been made of the purported rift, Wade insists he bears no ill will toward the Heat, saying he remains in contact with several members of the organization.

“I had 13 great years in Miami. I have no ill will toward the organization,” he said. “I wish them nothing but success in their future. But right now, it’s what’s best for me. It’s unfortunate that a lot of stuff played out in media, whether it was right or it was wrong, but at the end of the day, like I said, I have no ill will.”

Setting aside Wade’s continued affinity for the Heat organization, it would seem practical matters could prevent a reunion with the Heat. After all, Wade is 34 years old and on a two-year deal with the Bulls.

But should Wade want keep playing after the age of 35? As he said himself, anything is possible. Perhaps Riley will even pick up the phone to call Wade this time around.