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Charles Barkley continues crusade against jump-shooting Warriors


Charles Barkley continues to stand by his assertion that the Golden State Warriors should never be hailed as favorites to win an NBA title due to their status as a primarily jump-shooting team.

Barkley tripled-down on his continued crusade against the Warriors by suggesting even the addition of Kevin Durant — a move the NBA on TNT analyst openly ridiculed — doesn’t guarantee a victory in the Finals. He made his latest critical comments about Golden State Tuesday at TNT’s annual media luncheon.

Barkley argued earlier this summer — as he has done again this week — the Warriors were “lucky” because they faced injury-riddled teams throughout their championship run.

But it merits pointing out that Barkley had to eat crow when the Warriors did in fact beat the Cleveland Cavaliers in the 2015 Finals.

On the other hand, Barkley was afforded the opportunity to gloat after the Warriors failed to win the NBA title this past season, losing in seven games to those same Cavaliers. Barkley guaranteed Golden State would come up short in a bid to win back-to-back titles this past spring despite the Warriors being well on their way to a record-breaking 73-win regular season.

“It’s exactly what I said was going to happen: If they played a couple good teams, they were going to wear down,” Barkley said earlier this summer. “They weren’t going to make all those jump shots…

“They’ve got a great organization. I love Steph and Klay. But I don’t think small ball works, and it didn’t work in the Finals.”

The Warriors not surprisingly are being almost universally tabbed as favorites to win the title this upcoming season. Whether Barkley’s steadfast insistence that the style of basketball the Warriors employ makes them vulnerable — despite Durant’s formidable presence — proves accurate again remains to be seen. But one thing is certain: Barkley stands by his opinion, even if he’s one of the few to hold it.

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