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Raptors’ Patrick Patterson mistaken for LeBron James … in Cleveland (vid)


The Toronto Raptors paid a visit to Northeast Ohio this week for a preseason match-up with the Cleveland Cavaliers. And somehow at some point before Thursday night’s tilt at Quicken Loans Arena, Raptors forward Patrick Patterson was inexplicably mistaken for one LeBron James.

Patterson apparently was standing a line at a Chipotle — a one in Cleveland, mind you — when the perplexing case of mistaken identity occurred.

Allow Patterson to explain, as a Snapchat video has been posted to explain the stupefying incident.

“I’m in Chipotle, right? I’m waiting in line, and people start mumbling and talking and s— as they’re looking at me,” Patterson says in the video, as transcribed by Yahoo Sports. “I finally get to the end of the line, and this woman goes like, ‘Are you LeBron James?’ So, first thought in my head is to be like, ‘Yeah, I’m LeBron.’ You know, get some free food, free Chipotle, you know? But then I’m like, ‘Woman, you live in Cleveland, so you should know what LeBron James looks like, right? So, I’m like, ‘No, I’m not LeBron James. I’m not from here. I don’t live in Cleveland. I don’t play for Cleveland.’ And then this girl from the side decides to chime in and be like, ‘I told you so! He too skinny! He too small to be LeBron!’ I mean, I didn’t think I was that skinny, you know? I work out a little bit, you know? I’m taller than the average Joe. But s—, the disrespect.”

Patterson’s right. While his build isn’t up to the 6-foot-8, 250-pound frame James presents, he does stand 6-foot-9 and weighs in at 235 pounds.

All the possible reasoning and arguable explanations aside, how does such an incomprehensible thing occur? How can a person in a city where James just delivered a championship for the first time in 52 years somehow manage to mistake Patterson for James, a local icon who has been rightfully pedestalized in Cleveland. A man whose image is plastered all over town?

Mind-blowing. Utterly mind-blowing.