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Kyrie Irving hints at big plans for ‘Uncle Drew,’ possibly a movie


Kyrie Irving might be as well-known for portraying “Uncle Drew” in a series of commercials than he is for playing a key cog in the Cleveland Cavaliers’ title-winning team. And it looks like his alter-ego could become even bigger.

The campaign for Pepsi, dating back to 2012, features 24-year-old superstar impersonating an elderly man who can straight-up ball, much to the amazement and chagrin of the youngsters he frequently dazzles with his ageless, mad hoop skills.

Many of the spots feature celebrity cameos, including Cavs teammate Kevin Love, has only grown in popularity as the vignettes turned into four installments.

The original “Uncle Drew” installment, “Chapter 1,” has been seen on YouTube nearly 47 million times since its launch in May of 2012.

And now, Irving, who contributes to the writing, directing and filming of the series, now is hinting at the possibility that the enormous success of “Uncle Drew” could segue into something even bigger. Irving recently said that the next installment could perhaps even be a movie.

“There is something big that we’re planning, which I’m really excited about,” Irving said during Thursday’s Cavaliers shootaround, via ESPN’s Dave McMenamin. “Hopefully the details can be released in the forthcoming future, but I’m excited about it. There will be a last chapter that will happen, but I don’t think it will be on YouTube.”

When asked by a reporter if it might end up as a movie, Irving wouldn’t temper expectations.

“If you got that from that, yeah,” Irving replied. “For sure. For sure.”

Could Uncle Drew’s purported final appearance onscreen could come via some kind of collaboration between Irving and LeBron James? After all, his Cavaliers teammate just so happens to know a thing or two about getting things done in Hollywood.

Irving says nothing is planned for next summer but perhaps the following year will celebrate the “Summer of Uncle Drew.”