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Jason Witten blows off Martellus Bennett’s inflammatory comments



To say that Jason Witten isn’t overly concerned about getting slammed recently by former Dallas Cowboys teammate Martellus Bennett might be an understatement.

The Cowboys veteran tight end was blasted by the current New England Patriots player, including the accusation he never talked to his younger teammate. This resulted in Bennett, who played four seasons with the Cowboys from 2008-2001, claiming he “hated” Witten.

When asked about Bennett’s comments, which aired earlier this week during an “E:60” profile of Bennett and his fellow NFL-playing brother Michael, Witten claims to not have caught it. But he admitted he heard what Bennett had to say.

Let’s just say Witten isn’t losing any sleep over it, nor does it appear he plans on catching the episode on DVR, either.

“Busy schedule,” Witten said, smiling, via ESPN’s Todd Archer. “I’ll make sure to get around to that real quick to see it. I did hear about it. Marty is a good player. He really is. He enjoys entertaining, but I’m glad he’s in a good place now and he’s having a good year so far. He is. He’s a good football player.”

The original comments by Martellus Bennett in the “E:60” piece — in which Witten wasn’t the only person victimized by the Bennett brothers’ savagery (hardly a surprise) — weren’t flattering to say the least.

“Witten didn’t talk to me when I was in Dallas. He didn’t help me,” he said. “Very rarely did we talk. I hated him. I hated Witten.”

Bennett of course has gone on to have a productive NFL career. After a one-year stint with the New York Giants upon leaving the Cowboys, Bennett spent three seasons with the Chicago Bears before being traded to the New England Patriots in March.

Suffice to say, despite Bennett getting his feelings hurt by his onetime teammate Witten, he’s managed to persevere.