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PGA Tour’s Justin Thomas claims he was drug-tested after flex photo


PGA Tour golfer Justin Thomas took to Twitter this week to claim he was subjected to a drug test after posting a photograph of himself flexing.

Thomas, who is in the field at this week’s PGA Tour season-opener, the Safeway Open, posted a photograph to Instagram a few days ago from a visit to his alma mater, the University of Alabama.

Regaled in an Alabama Crimson Tide jersey, Thomas poses in full flex mode to showcase his biceps. The post included the message: “With the 2 week off season over, glad to show the results from really hitting it hard in the gym. Should be driving all holes under 450 yards now #gainz #swollmonkey.”


Thomas admitted the monstrous biceps on display were not surprisingly photoshopped in a tweet where he made the claim he was drug-tested.

There’s no way to be certain one way or the other — giving the joking nature of the tweet — whether Thomas was in fact drug-tested. The safe bet is Thomas is simply having some fun with the original musclebound photo.

On the other hand, if he was? Perhaps he should seek out Indianapolis Colts punter Pat McAfee for advice on how to better avoid cracking jokes that result in these kind of situations.

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