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DeSean Jackson accepts fine for caution tape-themed cleats


Washington Redskins wide receiver DeSean Jackson has been fined $6,076 by the NFL for wearing yellow cleats bearing a caution tape theme during a Week 4 game against the Cleveland Browns. Not only will Jackson not appeal the decision, he suggested the fine is well worth the message he attempted to spread.

“It’s cool, man,” Jackson said of the fine, via ESPN. “My message and what I wanted to get across was more of the case for that, so I wasn’t worried about that [fine].”

Jackson said he originally only planned to wear the cleats, which he donned to raise awareness of police brutality as well as all community violence, but decided to accept the expected fine and wear them the entire game.

It’s unclear whether or not Jackson was warned by any NFL official about a potential fine during the game. Perhaps even more perplexing is how Jackson was even allowed to wear the cleats the entire game in the first place. Antonio Brown apparently wasn’t afforded that luxury. The Pittsburgh Steelers wide receiver was warned at halftime in three consecutive games he wouldn’t be allowed to continue playing if he kept wearing a series of custom cleats.

The case can be made that the NFL’s arguably draconian uniform rules are dispensed in a seemingly arbitrary manner. But that’s another topic altogether.

As far as Jackson is concerned, what’s done is done. He willingly accepted the fine in exchange for the chance to send a message. In fact, Jackson plans to devote time in the offseason to community outreach through seminars and after-school programs. In that respect, Jackson intends to do much more than simply wearing cleats and getting fined.