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Jim Harbaugh enjoys discount, dines at Ruth’s Chris Steak House (pic)


Jim Harbaugh made good on his word by taking advantage of the steep discount at an Ann Arbor steak house spawned by the Michigan Wolverines’ 78-0 blowout victory Saturday over the Rutgers Scarlet Knights.

Harbaugh took to Twitter to post a photograph of he and his wife Sarah enjoying a nice dinner on Tuesday night at Ruth’s Chris Steak House. Photographed alongside the Harbaughs is Ruth’s Chris general manager Buzz Goebel.

It all started when the steak house chain announced on social media the Ann Arbor outpost would award diners with a discount in accordance to Michigan’s margin of victory over Rutgers. In a savvy demonstration of foresight, Goebel capped the amount of the discount at 50 percent.

As one likely notices in the photo, Harbaugh opted for milk as his beverage. That should hardly come as a surprise, given Harbaugh’s affinity for the wholesome drink.

During an appearance on his radio show last November, Harbaugh had the following things to say about milk and his choice of entree Tuesday night:

“I truly believe the No. 1 natural steroid is sleep, and the No. 2 natural steroid is milk, whole milk,” he said. “Three would be water. Four would be steak.

“(Steak) … it goes with everything.”

So, Harbaugh covered all the bases with his steak house meal, satisfying all the requirements of what he deems the four integral “natural steroids.”

And then, during an interview with Andrea Kramer on “Real Sports” earlier this season, Harbaugh touted the superior qualities of his milk of choice.

“I drank a lot of milk, Andrea, a lot of milk,” he said. “Whole milk, not the candy-a– two percent or skim milk.”

Suffice to say, Harbaugh might have stormed right out of the steak house had the server set down anything but whole milk in front of him.

And after that, Harbaugh presumably attacked his dinner with “Enthusiasm Unknown to Mankind,” a quintessential Harbaugh-ian phrase he once tweeted.