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Brandon Marshall blasts Donald Trump’s ‘locker room talk’ defense

donald trump

Count Brandon Marshall among the rapidly growing number of athletes expressing criticism over Donald Trump’s “locker room talk” excuse for his boorish comments caught on tape.

The New York Jets wideout, during his weekly appearance on Showtime’s “Inside the NFL,” called out the Republican presidential nominee for likening the vulgar comments he made about women in 2005. In reaction and defense of the footage of comments made to Billy Bush — evidence of which recently surfaced — Trump likened the talk to the kind of chatter one commonly hears inside locker rooms.

“Man, listen, we’re not talking about what Donald Trump was talking about,” Marshall said in response to host Adam Schein’s question about what do athletes talk about in locker rooms, as transcribed by NJ Advance Media’s Darryl Slater. “That’s for sure. Mr. Trump, what sport did he play? Can you please tell me, somebody?”

When asked specifically about Trump’s comments, Marshall admitted there can be R-rated talk in locker rooms, but it doesn’t rise to the level of Trump said.

“I can’t even repeat it,” Marshall said. “I’m embarrassed to say what he [said]. The truth is, you have young guys, so there are some immature conversations [in the locker room]. But never that vulgar. We don’t sit around talking like that. I’ve never been in a conversation like that.”

As noted above, there’s a growing chorus of athletes who have come forward to condemn Trump’s assertion that his comments are typical locker room talk. Trump’s candidacy unquestionably has become a dividing issue in the United States ahead of the November election, so it’s not surprising at all the polarizing political situation reportedly is even having an impact inside the very locker rooms Trump used as a defense.