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Carson Wentz, gracious with gratuities, leaves $500 tip on $1,000 tab


Carson Wentz has started establishing himself as a budding hero in Philadelphia among Eagles fans thanks to a phenomenal start to his rookie season. But when it comes to being a beloved sports icon, Wentz already is firmly entrenched as an iconic hero in Fargo, N.D., where he was a star quarterback with the North Dakota State University Bison.

So it hardly should come as a shock that Wentz is welcomed with open arms whenever he sets foot back in Fargo. CSN Philly’s Mike Greger recently took a trip to North Dakota to get a firsthand look at the Wentz phenomenon, and an anecdote he shared about his time in Fargo illustrates Wentz, despite his rock star status, remains a man of his people.

It all centers around how Wentz took a trip back to his old stomping grounds during the Eagles’ bye week and showcased his affinity for handing out sizable gratuities by leaving a whopping $500 tip on a $1,000 tab.

From Greger’s story:

… Wentz held a private party in their back room last Saturday night, right after watching his alma mater roll to a 31-10 win over Illinois State. The party was a low-key affair, but waiters and bartenders were still swapping stories days later.

“As I was waiting on him, I had to look up. He is so tall,” said Rachel, a junior at NDSU who works as a server at Herd & Horns. “He was very humble, especially as a guest. He didn’t treat anyone like they were below him or anything.”

(In case you’re wondering, Wentz picked up the entire tab, $1,000 and left a $500 tip. He was whisked off by his cousin in a 1996 Chevy pickup truck. No frills.)

The world of sports is littered with tales of the tipping habits of professional athletes. There are reports of immensely wealthy pro  athletes leaving abysmal tips, sometimes for good reason, apparently. However, there are also plenty of stories about those athlees who go above and beyond by leaving incredibly generous tips.

It appears Wentz has proven himself to be member of the latter group, not the former.

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